Honey Bee and Pollination Lesson Plan Resources
Honey Bee Lesson Plans for Use with Indiana Field Trips
Honey Bee and Pollination Lesson Plan Resources Bees are very important part of agriculture.  Here are some great lessons that you can use to reinforce these concepts: Lesson Plans From National Agriculture in the Classroom (K-3rd Grades): The Amazing Honey Bee From Bees Louise: A great set of lesson plans...
Tuttle Orchards Coloring Book Pages
These pages were put together by artist Mary Jean Alig.  They are a great way to reinforce what your students have learned at Tuttles.  
Suggested Children's Books about Pumpkins
Indianapolis Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Suggested Children’s Books about Pumpkin We’ve been on a search for the very best children’s books about pumpkins.  So after piles and piles of library books, here’s the scoop on what we think are the very best and most accurate.  We find that children’s books don’t always stack up equally...
Suggested Children's Books about Apples
Apple Orchard Field Trip Indianapolis
Being in the apple business, we’ve read lots and lots of kids books about apples. Surprisingly there’s a big difference in accuracy and helpfulness of the books we’ve read about apples.  So… after pouring over literally hundreds of children’s books about apples, here’s our list of books we recommend by...
Bowl or Fridge? How to best store your apples.
Paula Red Apples
Where should I keep my apples? The age old question: should I put my apples in a bowl to make that adorable centerpiece on my kitchen table or should they be relegated to the crisper in the refrigerator? From the number of glossy magazine covers picturing beautiful bowls of apples...