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Join a team of people who love their jobs!

Join a team of people who love their jobs!

Seasonal Work Opportunities

Every fall season (and some summer seasons), Tuttles hires a passionate crew to bring the orchard to life for our guests. We believe in providing fun, educational experiences that help connect people to agriculture. Join our team at central Indiana’s favorite farm destination!


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Summer Positions (Memorial Weekend - Late July)

Preference is given to summer applicants who are able to continue into the fall season. We typically do not hire individuals for the summer season who do not also have some availability in September and October.

Fall Positions (August-October & September-October)

Weekday and/or Saturday Availability (Saturday availability preferred but not required for most positions)

Weekday Availability

Saturday Availability

Application Process

We begin hiring for Summer positions (those going from Memorial Day-late July) in mid April. Our fall positions run from August through late October. We begin the hiring process in mid-July.
**We have stopped accepting applications for the 2022 season. Please check back with us in 2023!

Step 1
Fill out an application online and wait to be contacted by email for a group interview date.
Step 2
Attend a group interview. We will meet with a group of candidates for about one hour to tell you what we have to offer and see where you might fit in our crew.
Step 3
Attend an individual interview. After we contact your references via email, we invite candidates we feel are a good fit to join us for an individual interview to talk more about what working at Tuttles is like and where you have an interest in working.
Step 4
Attend paid training for your time working at Tuttles.

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Core Team Positions


We are currently hiring for Year Round Full Time Field Team Positions.

These are positions for those who want to be a part of the team that helps with: agricultural tasks (primarily trimming apple trees daily in winter months), equipment tasks and maintenance, landscaping tasks, building maintenance tasks, cider production, vehicle operations. Click job description to see more info.

Employee Testimonials
“Tuttles is a great place to work because everyone is so kind and happy. It’s awesome to work in a place where everyone takes pride in their work.”
Employee Testimonials
“Tuttles was the most fun job I’ve ever had”
Employee Testimonials
“Working at Tuttles, I made so many friends that I know I’ll have connections with for a long time, and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it!”
Employee Testimonials
“Working at Tuttle’s is a great experience no matter what your age is. It is like being a part of a family all learning to work together.”
Employee Testimonials
“When you work at Tuttles, you feel like you are a part of the family. I am proud to work at Tuttles and proud of being a part of so many families’ fall memories!”