Asparagus   We have green asparagus or purple asparagus we source from local Indiana or Midwest farms.

Tuttle’s Grown Pumpkins

Pumpkins Indianapolis

Tuttle’s Grown Pumpkins Pumpkins are a big deal here at Tuttles.  We grow LOTs of pumpkins for you to come and pick during the Fall season.  We also grow a selection of unique pumpkins for you to purchase in our store or in the upick area. Large Carving Pumpkins:  We have fields and fields of […]

Tuttle’s Grown Squash

Tuttle’s Grown Squash Tuttles grows many varieties of edible squash. The larger squash are often used for décor but can also be used for baking.   Here are some of the ones we grow (availability varies by year) : Butternut: Great for roasting (try it with our apples and drizzled with butter or syrup!), baking […]

Tuttle’s Grown Gourds


Tuttle’s Grown Gourds Tuttles grows a collection of gourds for décor use in the fall. What’s the difference between a gourd and squash?  Squash is edible.  Gourds are not.      

Tuttle’s Grown Tomatoes

indiana Tomatoes

Tuttle’s Grown Tomatoes Tuttles has one of the longest tomato growing seasons of any farm in central Indiana.  We harvest tomatoes from late June through late September. Tuttles has a large outdoor tomato fields where we grow an assortment of tomatoes including: Cherry Tomatoes Sun Sugar Yellow Tomatoes Roma Tomatoes Multiple Varieties of Red Slicing […]

Michigan Peaches

Michigan Peaches In the store they sell in bags of 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, and peck sizes and half bushels when available.   If you are unhappy with any peaches just let us know- we want you to be satisfied with your peaches!  

Southern Green Tomatoes

In the early spring when Indiana tomatoes are not quite ready, and we’re all craving a taste of summer, Tuttle’s brings in tomatoes from growers in the south.  These come fresh to us directly from the grower.  These tomatoes are grown in high tunnel greenhouses (like we have here at Tuttles) where the tomatoes are […]

Green Beans

Blue Lake Green Beans

Green Beans (Tuttle’s Grown or surrounding Indiana Farms) Tuttles grows Espada Variety, a Blue Lake style green bean. These are a string-less bean which many find easy to snip. We also source them from Indiana farms we trust to supplement our supply. Looking for green beans for canning or freezing?  We sell bushels and half […]