Asparagus   We have green asparagus or purple asparagus we source from local Indiana or Midwest farms.

Tuttle’s Grown Radishes

Tuttle’s Grown Radishes We grow French Breakfast and Daikon- type varieties in our high tunnels.

Southern Cantaloupe

Southern Cantaloupe When our cantaloupes are not quite ready, and we’re all craving a taste of summer, Tuttle’s brings in some from growers in the south.  These come fresh to us directly from the grower.  They are picked ripe and ready to enjoy.



Parsnips We carry parsnips as a staple item to help fill your produce needs.  

Indiana Strawberries

Indiana Strawberries If you haven’t had fresh Indiana strawberries, they are nothing like the berries you are used to buying in the grocery.  Indiana strawberries are smaller and sweeter then conventional berries.  They are in season for about three weeks in late May and early June.  The season can vary by up to two weeks […]

Tuttle’s Grown Carrots

Tuttle’s Grown Carrots We grow carrots at different times during the year in our high tunnels.  

Tuttle’s Grown Gourds


Tuttle’s Grown Gourds Tuttles grows a collection of gourds for décor use in the fall. What’s the difference between a gourd and squash?  Squash is edible.  Gourds are not.      

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers (in various colors) are sometimes available when the Tuttle’s Grown peppers are not ready.