Tuttle’s Grown Sweet Corn

Indiana Sweet Corn

Tuttle’s Grown Sweet Corn:  some of the best sweet corn Indiana. Our corn in non- GMO. We grow both Bicolor & White Sweet Corn.   It is typically available in our store from mid-July though mid-September. We have a reputation for having some of the best sweet corn around. Why is Tuttle’s Sweet Corn some of […]

Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes Little red potatoes are always a tender and delicious treat.  Red potatoes are available in the summer months at Tuttles.  When possible, we source from local growers to extend the season.

Southern Peaches

Southern Peaches We bring in some amazing fresh picked peaches from the Southern states each summer. Starting with cling peaches in the early part of the season and moving on to larger freestone later in the season. Varieties include:  Harvester, Monroe, Red Globe, and others. These peaches have amazing flavor and are some of the […]


Plums We bring in eating plums from Indiana and Michigan, both sweet red or gold varieties.  

Tuttle’s Grown Watermelon

Tuttle’s grows a nice selection of watermelon including: Red Seeded:  larger, good sweet flavor Red Seedless:  smaller, good flavor, last to ripen. Yellow Doll Watermelons:  personal size very sweet watermelons with yellow flesh. Black Diamond Type: seedless, sweeter, denser flesh. A new favorite! Our watermelons are hand harvested at the peak of ripeness so you […]

Tuttle’s Grown Gourds


Tuttle’s Grown Gourds Tuttles grows a collection of gourds for décor use in the fall. What’s the difference between a gourd and squash?  Squash is edible.  Gourds are not.      

Tuttle’s Grown Cantaloupe

Tuttle’s Grown Cantaloupe At Tuttles we think we grow some of the sweetest cantaloupe in Indiana.  We’re often awarded first place cantaloupe at the Indiana State Fair. We grow a large selection of different varieties of cantaloupe including: Sugar Cube (really small and amazingly sweet) Cantaloupe Larger Cantaloupe (some call these Decker Melons) Our cantaloupe […]

Indiana or Michigan Blueberries

Tuttles networks with some great growers of fresh picked blueberries from Northern Indiana and Michigan to bring you a great blueberry crop each year. Blueberries are typically available from late June through mid August. We have them available by the pint and also in the 5lb boxes.  Order on our website before July 1st for […]

Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries We offer sweet cherries from Indiana and Michigan farms, as well as western states depending on availability. We have both Bing and Rainier cherries. They will be in the store in pint or quart sizes.  You can also order 2lb containers on our website.