Limes We carry limes as a staple item to help fill your produce needs.  


Lemons We carry lemons as a staple item to help fill your produce needs.  


D’Anjou pears are available in our farm store for most of the year.  These pears typically come from the Northwest.  They have great flavor and are best if left to soften on the counter before eating. We also offer other varieties of pears when available such as Red and Bartlett.

Indiana Persimmon Pulp

Tuttles offers pints of frozen persimmon pulp from Indiana persimmon trees! Processed in Orleans, IN from fresh, clean persimmons (type specific to Indiana), our pulp makes great persimmon pudding. Please call our store to confirm stock remains if you plan to purchase persimmon pulp. Unfortunately, we are no longer shipping persimmon pulp, due to time […]


 Carrots To fill your needs when we don’t have Tuttle’s grown carrots we also carry organic rainbow carrots or orange carrots in 2lb bags or in 12oz baby carrots.  


Turnips We carry local turnips when we don’t have our own in stock.


Cabbage We carry cabbage as a staple item to help fill your produce needs.


Spinach We carry spinach seasonally.  

Tuttle’s Grown Squash

Tuttle’s Grown Squash Tuttles grows many varieties of edible squash. The larger squash are often used for décor but can also be used for baking.   Here are some of the ones we grow (availability varies by year) : Butternut: Great for roasting (try it with our apples and drizzled with butter or syrup!), baking […]