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Sweet and Sour Chicken with Veggies


1 lb chicken - cooked and shredded or cut up
2 bell peppers - chopped
3 wax peppers (or banana if less heat is desired) - chopped
1/2 onion - chopped
1 large carrot - sliced thin
2 cups rice (uncooked)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 can chunk pineapple
1 bottle sweet and sour sauce


My sister passed this recipe onto me so I’m not sure where it originated by it is very easy to modify for the veggies you do and don’t like – anything goes! If you aren’t a fan of food with a little bit of spice- I would skip the wax peppers and do banana peppers instead. If you do use them… wear gloves when cutting them up!

Prepare your rice according to package directions.

Cook your chicken and shred it or cut into chunks – I throw mine in the Instant Pot for a quick method if you have one.

Slice your various peppers, onions, and carrots and add them to a pan with a little oil. Saute or stir fry the veggies until the start to get tender. Add your chicken, brown sugar, can of pineapple, sweet and sour sauce, and continue cooking until sauce is hot and veggies are at your desired level of tenderness.

Serve your sweet and sour mix over rice and enjoy!

I have done this with and without the pineapple – both are good so you can pick whichever you prefer.