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Grilled Asparagus


Olive oil

20170518_185048 (1)

I already had the grill fired up and ready to go when I decided to add some asparagus to the menu. I gathered up the asparagus, cut off the ends, and whipped up this tasty side. It was quick to do and was the perfect veggie to go with our steaks.

Rinse and cut off the ends of your asparagus. Sprinkle some olive oil over all sides of your asparagus and coat with salt and pepper to the amount of your choice. I did zero measuring for the ingredients with this recipe and it turned out perfectly! I had the asparagus on the grill for about 5 minute and flipped them over once. I have a charcoal grill so the time spent grilling might depend on your grill and its temperature.

The picture above is before grilling, I played it by ear on the amounts of the ingredients.

Flipping the asparagus on the grill.