Fancy Corn Salad

Combine your prepared sweet corn, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, and basil in a large bowl. In a small bowl, add your dressing ingredients and mix thoroughly. Then add the dressing to your large bowl and mix. Add your feta cheese on top and mix your salad again gently. Stick in the fridge to chill before […]

Green Goddess Chopped Salad

This salad is easy to make and easy to customize! Perfect for a refreshing, healthy bite to eat after a hot summer day. Chop all of your ingredients into small pieces and add to a large bowl. Coat your produce with your favorite Green Goddess Dressing to taste. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before […]

Veggie & Philly Cheese Steak Skillet

Steam your chopped cauliflower so it is soft and ready to eat and set aside. Heat 1 tablespoon of your oil in a large skillet and cook your steak to your liking. Once it is cooked, set aside to rest. In the same pan, then add your remaining oil, onions, peppers, and garlic to saute. […]

Fresh Veggie Sandwich

Stir up your cream cheese, Mayo and seasonings. Spread on two slices of bread.  Lay cucumbers on top of mixture (to prevent sliding) then remaining veggies.  Close sandwich, cut in half,  and enjoy! Of course all of these veggies are optional and you can mix and match with your favorites!

Zucchini Casserole

This recipe can be made with green and/or yellow zucchini. We used both! This recipe originated from but we have modified it slightly to our preferences. Grate your zucchini and drain thoroughly! It’s very important to get as much liquid as you can out or you will have a runny casserole. After grating, place […]

Crock pot stuffed cabbage unrolled

For those that love cabbage rolls, we have an easy recipe for you to throw together in the crock pot and enjoy! I have to admit… this recipe doesn’t look the most attract in a photo but most importantly, the flavor is great! It’s super simple to throw together and I love meals that are […]

Peach Salsa

This simple summer peach salsa is a great item to take to your next cookout! With a little chopping up fruits and veggies, you come out with a great tasting and unique salsa. Chop up your tomatoes (drain off some of their juice), bell pepper, jalapeños, onion, and peaches. You do not need to peel […]

Chicken Stir Fry

Wash and slice your vegetables and cook rice as directed on package. Cook meat as desired. We pan fry the chicken then cut it up but you could grill, air fry, etc. Set meat aside. Add vegetable oil to wok or large skillet and heat on high. Once hot, add onion, garlic, celery and carrots. […]

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Veggies

My sister passed this recipe onto me so I’m not sure where it originated by it is very easy to modify for the veggies you do and don’t like – anything goes! If you aren’t a fan of food with a little bit of spice- I would skip the wax peppers and do banana peppers […]

Sweet Onion Casserole

This is one of Virginia’s favorite recipes.  It uses the sweet onions and the Purdue Swiss Cheese we carry in the Farm Store.  It may not sound good, but it is quite yummy! Cook rice as directed.  Cook onions in butter in large skillet until limp but not browned.  Combine all ingredients.  Mix well and […]