Indiana Persimmon Pulp

Tuttles offers pints of frozen persimmon pulp from Indiana persimmon trees! Processed in Orleans, IN from fresh, clean persimmons (type specific to Indiana), our pulp makes great persimmon pudding. Please call our store to confirm stock remains if you plan to purchase persimmon pulp. Unfortunately, we are no longer shipping persimmon pulp, due to time […]

Bass Farms Goat Milk Products

We offer a wide selection of Bass Farms Goat’s Milk products, including lotions, soaps, shampoo, and lip balms. “We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and the products we create, striving to use locally grown ingredients, and utilizing as much as possible in packaging, ingredients, and promotional items that are […]

Dandy Breeze Milk

We carry Dandy Breeze Creamery white and chocolate milks, as well as seasonal options like strawberry and eggnog! “Our milk is all natural with 18% more protein, 17% more calcium, and 11% more phosphorus then most conventional store milk. All our products are from pastured based Jersey cows. Jerseys’s naturally produce more protein, calcium, phosphorus, […]

Local Lamb

We carry a variety of lamb products from Sunshine Valley Farms, a small-scale family farm in Carthage, Indiana. Some popular options include lamb brats, shish-ka-bob meat, and lamb chops. “At Sunshine Valley Farms we use several sustainable farming practices to help benefit the life and welfare of our livestock. Animal husbandry is one thing we […]

Tuttle’s Jarred Fruit

We offer our popular jarred peaches and pears in quart jars, perfect for baking and smoothies, or just eating fresh!

Local Eggs

We carry large brown eggs from Spring Valley Farm in Jackson County.  These eggs are pasteurized, and are laid by free-range chickens that are fed a non-GMO diet.

Tuttle’s Frozen Take & Bake Items

Our Café is always busy making delicious frozen take and bake meal options! Some of our most popular items include: Chicken Pot Pies An old-fashioned favorite, handmade in our Café using whole chickens and mixed vegetables, wrapped in a flaky crust.  Available in large or small sizes. Quiche Available in a variety of flavors, including […]

Tuttle’s Bakery Items

The bakers in our Café and Sweet Shop are always busy making fresh treats! Some of our popular items include: Donuts Our glazed apple donuts are available year round. Seasonal flavors include lemon, strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin, and cinnamon-sugar apple. Fudge We offer popular flavors such as peanut butter and chocolate year round, as well as […]

Hoosier Candy

Hoosier Candy offers delicious, locally made chocolates and sweets. Tuttle’s stocks a variety of products, including: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Chocolate Espresso Beans Caramel Corn Smores Popcorn Turtle Popcorn Peanut Butter Popcorn Something Else Popcorn      

Sechler’s Pickle Products

We have a selection of Sechler’s Pickles, made in St. Joe, Indiana, including: Sweet Mixed Pickles Dill Pickle Spears Sweet Gherkins Sweet Pickle Relish Bread and Butter Chunks   “Our goal has always been quality, not quantity. There are larger pickle companies, but none who offer the consistent quality, selection and service we do. We’ve […]