Local Lamb

We carry a variety of lamb products from Sunshine Valley Farms, a small-scale family farm in Carthage, Indiana. Some popular options include lamb brats, shish-ka-bob meat, and lamb chops. “At Sunshine Valley Farms we use several sustainable farming practices to help benefit the life and welfare of our livestock. Animal husbandry is one thing we […]

Local Beef

We try to supply a good selection of frozen beef options sourced from small, local farms. Some of our suppliers include: Engleking’s Country Beef We stock a variety of meat options from Engleking’s, including ground beef, beef patties, and cube steak. “We are Robert and Darlene Engleking, full time farmers and owners of Engleking’s Country […]

Local Poultry

We carry frozen, antibiotic free chicken from Miller Poultry in northern Indiana, including boneless skinless chicken breasts and whole chickens. “Miller Poultry chickens are raised primarily by Amish families in smaller flocks. While they are free to roam within the chicken house, they are not “free-range” for several reasons.   Miller chickens are raised in a […]

Local Pork

We carry frozen pork products from The Pork Shoppe, operated by the Hill Family in Hancock County, IN.  The Hills do a great job of raising local, fantastic tasting pork products.  We also feature their pulled pork at our Tuttle’s Grill. We carry the following products from the Pork Shoppe: Pork Chops Pulled Pork BBQ […]