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Our favorite places to pick your own Strawberries in Indianapolis area

where can i pick my own indiana strawberries

Where you can pick your own Strawberries in Indianapolis area:

Tuttles + Indiana Strawberries:

where to pick indiana strawberriesEvery year in late May and early June (the season varies a bit each year due to the weather), we are excited to welcome Indiana strawberries to our Farm Store here at Tuttles.  Most of our strawberries come from Spencer Farm in Noblesville, Indiana or later in the season from Garwood Orchard up in northern Indiana.  We pick up strawberries on almost a daily basis during strawberry season so you can be assured you are getting some really fresh picked berries when you visit us.  We have strawberries available in quarts and also by the flat.  We also have great strawberry treats in our Cafe & Sweet Shop.

I often get asked “why don’t you grow strawberries at Tuttles?”

We used to (like in the 1970s and 1980’s) grow a LOT of strawberries here at the orchard.  I grew up helping to pick strawberries for the store (or most likely eating more than I was helping…but hey…it was fun).  During the 1990s there was a shift away from people wanting to come and pick lots and lots of strawberries.  We began to need less strawberries to fill demand, and we scaled back our plantings.  The truth is strawberries are quite a bit of work to grow.  They require a lot of time… and sometimes a lot of nights spent up all night irrigating them so the blooms don’t freeze.  As we’ve added more and more crops to what we grow here at Tuttles, we’ve realized we just can’t do it all.  We believe quality is really important, and we want to be able to give any crop we grow the energy it deserves.  This led to us forming a partnership with Spencer Farm…where they grow excellent strawberries for us…and you can find our sweet corn and apples in their farm store.  So, for now, you can’t pick strawberries at Tuttles, but you can find great strawberries in the farm store.

So, where can you pick strawberries in Indianapolis?where-to-pick-strawberries-in-indianapolis

We realize some families want the experience of picking strawberries, and we are happy to recommend places you can pick in Indianapolis.  These are the ones we are aware of, but please be sure to check their website/facebook or call to get the latest information before visiting.

Spencer Farm in Noblesville, Indiana (located at 161st and River Road area).  This is where a lot of our strawberries come from.  They have a very nice farm store where you can also get pies, hand dipped ice cream, fudge, and lots of other treats.  They also offer blueberries and black raspberries for upick when they are in season.  Follow them on Facebook or their website to get info about when the strawberry crop is right for picking.

Watermans Family Farm on Indianapolis south side.  Watermans has a farm market (actually they have two locations… one in the Raymond Street area and one in the Greenwood area).  They have fresh picked strawberries in their store and u-pick berries as well.  Be sure to check their website and Facebook for updates before you visit.   Typically the pick your own strawberries are at the Indianapolis location, but they have pre-picked strawberries at both locations.

If you want to make a day trip, here are some berry picking locations a bit further from Indy…

Bells Berry Farm in Hagerstown, Indiana.  This one is a bit further away from Indianapolis, but they do have some good berry picking.  You can see their website here.

Landess Farm located in Daleville, Indiana.  The Landess family is a great family and grow some great berries.  They also have a strawberry festival each year.  You can find more info on their website. Their facebook page has updates about strawberry picking dates.

Beasley’s Orchard in Danville, Indiana. Visit their website or their facebook page.

Smith Farm in Frankfort, Indiana.  Visit their website here.

Sweetness Farms in Fillmore, Indiana.  They have a facebook page.

Chandlers’s Farm and Country Market in Fillmore, Indiana. You can see their website here or visit their facebook page

Cherrywood Farm/Ditzler Orchard in Rosedale, Indiana.  Visit their website or their facebook page.

B & B Berries in Sharpsville, IN Visit their Facebook Page


Farms that no longer have berry picking:
Piny Acres in Fortville no longer has upick strawberries.
Hidden Acres does not currently offer upick.