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Tuttle’s Grown Tomatoes

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Typically Available: June- October
indiana Tomatoes

Tuttle’s Grown Tomatoes

Tuttles has one of the longest tomato growing seasons of any farm in central Indiana.  We harvest tomatoes from late June through late September.

Tuttles has a large outdoor tomato fields where we grow an assortment of tomatoes including:

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sun Sugar Yellow Tomatoes
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Multiple Varieties of Red Slicing Tomatoes
  • Heirloom Tomatoes

Field Tomatoes are available in our Farm Store in August.


Tuttles is also pioneering the growing of tomatoes in high tunnels in central Indiana.  High tunnels are a greenhouse canopy that are placed over the ground.   Plants are planted directly into the soil.  The greenhouse protects them from frost in the early spring and late fall.  There is also a heater that can be used at nights to protect them from frost.  We grow Heirloom tomatoes, as well as, Celebrity tomatoes in these high tunnels.   These high tunnel tomatoes have a great Indiana taste, but are available early in the season (June) and late into the fall (Sep/Oct).


Canning Tomatoes

Canning tomatoes are tomatoes that are slightly imperfect and would not be sold as #1 slicing tomatoes, but are good for making salsa or for canning.  They may have strange shapes, slightly blemished areas, splits around stem, yellowing at the top, etc.  These tomatoes are available at a largely reduced cost to what “First Quality” tomatoes would be.  They are sold by the half bushel.

Canning tomatoes are generally available in July and August .  Obviously, weather can play a role in this from year to year.

Our canning tomatoes are sold on our website in half bushel or peck sizes, and we will update availability as we have them ready.