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Tuttle’s Grown Pumpkins

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Typically Available: Fall
Pumpkins Indianapolis

Tuttle’s Grown Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a big deal here at Tuttles.  We grow LOTs of pumpkins for you to come and pick during the Fall season.  We also grow a selection of unique pumpkins for you to purchase in our store or in the upick area.

PUmpkins to Pick in IndianapolisPumpkins IndianapolisPumpkin Patch FishersPumpkin Patch Indianapolis

Large Carving Pumpkins:  We have fields and fields of these for you to choose from. They are also available in our fall decor area ready picked if you prefer.

Pie Pumpkins Indiana

Pie Pumpkins:  Pie pumpkins are smaller pumpkins (typically about 8″ in diameter) that are named for their ability to be used to make pie.  They also make great decorating pumpkins.  These pumpkins have other names like sweetie pie pumpkins.

Mini Pumpkins Indianapolis

Mini Pumpkins:  These pumpkins are great for little hands.  They come in white and orange, as well as, varying sizes and styles.

Giant Pumpkins Indianapolis

Giant Pumpkins:  Want a big pumpkin?  These are grown in their own field and planted from special seeds.  They typically are harvested Mid-October and available for you to buy in the fall decor area.  Some of these pumpkins can weigh a lot!