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Tuttle’s Grown Squash

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Typically Available: September- December
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Tuttle’s Grown Squash

Tuttles grows many varieties of edible squash. The larger squash are often used for décor but can also be used for baking.


Here are some of the ones we grow (availability varies by year) :

Butternut: Great for roasting (try it with our apples and drizzled with butter or syrup!), baking and soups.

Acorn: we grow several varieties and can be used in many of our squash recipes.

Spaghetti: A great meal idea, and it’s also a gluten free pasta option.

Delicata: Edible thin rind, can slice and roast or air fry.


Cow Pie Pumpkins: the best for making old fashioned pumpkin pie.  These have a creamy texture and nice flavor.  One pumpkin will make several pies.  They taste somewhat like a butternut squash.


Mother Hubbard Squash:  these are good for baking as well.  They are larger squash with a lighter colored flesh.  Also can be used for soups after they are a part of your fall décor.


Cinderella Pumpkins:  These are mostly used for décor.  They are cute and nice pale pink color.


Cushaw Squash:  These are also amazing for pies.  The light colored flesh has a nice texture.  Many people say they are even better then pumpkin pie.  It tastes very similar to pumpkin, but with it’s own distinct flavor.



Turks Turban:  These are also edible, but primarily used for décor.


Small Hubbard Squash:  these and others like them are good for décor or baking.

We also grow an assortment of Pumpkins.