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Indiana & Kentucky Sorghum, Blackstrap Molasses

Typically Available: Year Round
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Sorghum is one of the Midwest’s oldest sweeteners.  It has been traditionally been made on farms for families to use as sweetener.  However, in recent years sorghum has become far less common due to the labor intensive process to produce sorghum.  Tuttle’s is happy to be one of the few places you can still purchase sorghum in Indiana.  At Tuttle’s, we carry both Indiana and Kentucky sorghum when they are in season.  Kentucky sorghum is typically available year round.  We also source from an Amish Indiana sorghum producer.  Sorghum crops are made in the fall of each year from the sorghum plant,  a type of grass.  The cane is cooked to make the sweet liquid.  Sorghum is popular as topping on pumpkin pie and biscuits.  It’s thickness depends on the degree to which the liquid is cooked down.

We also carry blackstrap molasses.  This natural food, with its strong, bitter flavor and a dark color, is used in baking and for health purposes. All of our molasses is unsulfured.  Our molasses come from Pennsylvania.  Some people choose to take blackstrap molasses for health benefits as well.

What is the difference between sorghum and molasses? 

We often get asked what is the difference between sorghum and molasses.  Sorghum is made from sorghum cane.  Molasses is made from sugar cane.  They are both made from similar processes, but the initial cane that they start with is different.  Sorghum tends to be a more flavorful liquid.  It is generally used as a condiment.  Molasses or blackstrap molasses is typically thicker.  It is typically less expensive and best used for baking rather then as a condiment.