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Southern Peaches

In Stock
Typically Available: Late June- Late August
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Southern Peaches

We bring in some amazing fresh picked peaches from the Southern states each summer. Starting with cling peaches in the early part of the season and moving on to larger freestone later in the season.

Varieties include:  Harvester, Monroe, Red Globe, and others. These peaches have amazing flavor and are some of the best you can find. Our produce team goes through and inspects each peach before being bagged, taking out any with blemishes giving you only the top quality peaches.

In the store they sell in bags of 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, and peck sizes and half bushels when available.

Do you want a peck or half bushel for eating, canning and baking? Order online on our website. Pickup is available Monday- Saturday 10am-5pm (10am-7pm on Thursdays.) Order by July 1st for the special pre-order pricing.

If you are unhappy with any peaches just let us know- we want you to be satisfied with your peaches!