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Local Poultry

Typically Available: Year Round
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We carry frozen, antibiotic free chicken from Miller Poultry in northern Indiana, including boneless skinless chicken breasts and whole chickens.

“Miller Poultry chickens are raised primarily by Amish families in smaller flocks. While they are free to roam within the chicken house, they are not “free-range” for several reasons.   Miller chickens are raised in a stress-free environment where they have access to fresh water and feed with natural light and ventilation and are free to roam within the chicken house on open floors. Our chickens are raised on all vegetable feed that is ground at our feed mill; the feed is a mixture of corn, soybeans, minerals, salt and vitamins and there are no animal by-products, animal fats, or coloring added, ever. No antibiotics are added. Labels can be confusing – with terms like “free-range” on the label it does not mean that it is antibiotic free. There is no requirement that free-range chickens be antibiotic free. The chickens are cared for by peace loving Amish families, and Miller Poultry strictly adheres to the humane treatment policies defined by the Whole Foods animal welfare spokesperson, Temple Grandin. Furthermore, we do not use the practice of de-beaking and we use both male and female chickens in our program. We take animal husbandry very seriously and go to great lengths to handle our animals in a humane manner throughout their life cycle.”