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Local Goat Cheese

Typically Available: Year Round
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We source goat cheese from the award- winning Risin’ Creek Creamery in Martinsville. We stock a variety of their fresh Chevre flavors, including Plain, Honey, Herbes de Provence, Tuscany, and Jalapeno, as well as their block Feta.

“All of our products are made from milk that is produced by our own herd of Nubian goats. We have a commitment to raising our animals and caring for our land with a sustainable mindset. We fertilize our hay fields with composted manure from our animals. We avoid chemical sprays, both pesticides and herbicides, opting for more organic practices like fly traps, and fly predators for fly control. If one of our goats requires antibiotics, her milk is withheld for twice the required withdraw period. Along with doubling any needed withdraw period, all of our milk is lab tested for antibiotics prior to being used for product, as well as having monthly samples tested for bacteria and somatic cell counts. Random samples of finished product are taken by our dairy inspectors for further testing! This ensures that we have a clean, safe, antibiotic free product that you can feel good about feeding your family.”