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Local Indiana Honey

Typically Available: Year Round
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We carry Indiana Honey from several local farms, including:

Bastin Honey Bee Farm

Bastin Honey Bee Farm is located in Knightstown, IN.  They offer quality honey available in a variety of sizes and types including honey bears, cinnamon creamed honey (also known as spun honey or whipped honey), and 1lb and 2lb jars.

“Bastin Honey Bee Farm is a family owned and operated business that began in 2008. Like most beekeepers, something about the world of the honey bee piqued our interest, and we started with one hive. From there, we grew a few hives a year until we really got “the bug”, and then decided to go large scale. What was once a small-time hobby has quickly flourished into a way of life for our family. We are now a multi-faceted company working to provide beekeeping supplies, honey bees, honey products, and pollination services in Indiana and across the Midwest.”

Hunter’s Honey Farm

Hunter’s Honey Farm is located in Martinsville, IN. Hunter’s is a great source of raw, unfiltered honey and bee pollen.

“At Hunter’s Honey Farm, we’ve been making life sweeter for over one hundred years. We keep our honey as pure and natural as possible. We never flash heat or pressure filter our honey, insuring that our customers get the finest and most flavorful honey that nature has to offer. Even though honey is our main product, we also produce beeswax, bee pollen, and propolis. The Hunter family along with Beekeepers Tony and Sarah manage several hundred hives throughout the state.  Our honey bees pollinate apples, melons, strawberries, pumpkins, and other similar crops.”

Laney Honey Farm

Tuttle’s carries a selection of Laney Honey products including whipped honey spreads, beeswax bars, honey comb, and more than 10 single-varietal flavored honeys.

“Laney Honey Co. began as a beekeeping hobby in the 1970’s by Dave Laney. In 1982, Dave’s job as a manufacturing operations manager disappeared, like so many corporate jobs today. Dave was 51. In order to survive financially, Dave and his wife Kay decided to further develop their honey hobby into a small business. Dave & Kay began their venture by selling Wildflower honey to local stores. They later added varietal honeys such as Blueberry Blossom and Star Thistle. As demand grew for local honeys, the business had to contract with other beekeepers to obtain larger supplies. This honey came from a wide range of floral sources, resulting in unique colors, aromas, and tastes. Keeping the honeys separated by nectar source was the beginning of our path towards specialty honeys. Today, we continue to offer as many unique varietal honeys as we can. Our Indiana bees produce Wildflower, Dune Country, Goldenrod, and Autumn Wildflower, and we continue to work with other beekeepers to get the floral-sourced honeys our customers prefer. Most important to us is what we don’t do to our honeys. Unlike large bulk packers that heat honey to high temperatures and use pressure filtering, we minimally heat and coarsely gravity strain in order to retain the rawness of the honey. We do not add any flavorings to our honeys.”