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Indiana Strawberries

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Typically Available: June
May 5 2011 012

Indiana Strawberries

If you haven’t had fresh Indiana strawberries, they are nothing like the berries you are used to buying in the grocery.  Indiana strawberries are smaller and sweeter then conventional berries.  They are in season for about three weeks in late May and early June.  The season can vary by up to two weeks depending on the weather.

At Tuttles, we partner with local berry farms to bring you fresh berries each day.  We don’t grow our own strawberries anymore, but we bring in the very best local strawberries so they taste just as fresh and great.  They are available in our farm store during the season.  We also bring in berries from Southern and Northern Indiana to prolong the season.

Tuttles offers fresh picked strawberries from Huber Orchards, Spencer Farms, and Garwood Orchards in Northern Indiana.  We supplement with the other growers to lengthen the seasonal availability.

We make berry runs almost day in the peak season so you can be assured they are picked fresh that day or the day before. Varieties include All Star, Jewel, and Early Glow.