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Dandy Breeze Milk

Typically Available: Year Round

We carry Dandy Breeze Creamery white and chocolate milks, as well as seasonal options like strawberry and eggnog!

“Our milk is all natural with 18% more protein, 17% more calcium, and 11% more phosphorus then most conventional store milk. All our products are from pastured based Jersey cows. Jerseys’s naturally produce more protein, calcium, phosphorus, and “good for you fats” than any other breed. Our all-grass diet enhances the taste even more and offers the “nearly natural” consumer an alternative to conventional and multi-sourced organic milk. Our milk is never homogenized: when we don’t homogenize, the fats globules (cream) rises to the top. So, the “good fats” are more readily used and digested. Shake well, the cream’s on top!”