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Cutting out the Corn Maze: How we make it into the maze.

How do you make a corn maze anyways? Well, there are many different ways to make a maze…some farms use GPS systems on their tractors to plant the corn in just the right place. Here at Tuttle’s we do ours by hand. You can read about how they plant the maze here. After the corn is high enough, we spend the day cutting out the maze. What does that entail? First, Helen, our resident maze expert draws up the maze on graph paper. She goes out and counts the rows of corn to see exactly how big the area is where the corn is planted for the maze, and then designs a maze that fits into that space. Next, they go out into the maze and count off the rows and begin to cut the path for the maze. They use tiller with a special implement to cut each path for the maze. Here are some pictures of the corn maze cutting…