Pruning Apple Trees Videos

This year we are offering some videos on how to prune fruit trees instead of our typical in person fruit tree pruning workshop. Here are some links to some videos the apple growers here put together for you. Please keep in mind we are not tech professionals, we are farmers…so the quality is not amazing, […]

Home Apple Tree Care & Spray Guide for Beginners

As an apple orchard, we often get lots of questions from people about how to care for their home fruit trees. There are some really great intensive guides out there on all kinds of things about home fruit tree care, but sometimes people are just wanting to know what are the bare basics needed to […]

5 Reasons for Joining the Summer Tote Program

It’s that time of year again, sign ups are now open for the summer Tuttle’s Tote Program.   For those of you who are newer to the Tuttle’s family, this is a weekly box of produce program we offer in the summer (and winter).  Think of it as Tuttle’s staff selecting the best items from […]

10 Thanksgiving Ideas from the Tuttle Family to Yours:

Cow Pie Pumpkins Indianapolis

10 Thanksgiving Ideas from the Tuttle Family to Yours: Fall Harvest Salad: we use the mixed winter lettuce greens and head lettuce from our high tunnels and include the following toppings:  cubed and sauteed butternut squash, dried cranberries, apple slices, sugared walnuts, apple chips, hard boiled eggs, feta cheese.  We like to use the Rhubarb […]

Our favorite places to pick your own Strawberries in Indianapolis area

where can i pick my own indiana strawberries

Where you can pick your own Strawberries in Indianapolis area: Tuttles + Indiana Strawberries: Every year in late May and early June (the season varies a bit each year due to the weather), we are excited to welcome Indiana strawberries to our Farm Store here at Tuttles.  Most of our strawberries come from Spencer Farm […]

Where can I find Black Raspberries in the Indianapolis area?

indiana black raspberries

Where can I find Black Raspberries in the Indianapolis area? Black Raspberries are a much sought after summer treat.  They are popular for eating fresh, making jam, and our favorite…making black raspberry pie.  Grandma Virginia Tuttle said hands down Black Raspberry Pie was the best pie there was. Black Raspberries are smaller then blackberries, very […]

Mike’s Tips for Growing a Vegetable Garden in Indiana

Mike’s Tips for Growing Vegetable Garden in Indiana It’s that time of year… time to plant our favorite veggies for the summer. I asked Mike to share with us some tips for growing vegetables that he’s learned from growing all the produce here at Tuttles! The easiest plants to try: if you haven’t done a […]

Tuttle’s Wins Indiana Cider Competition

During the Indiana Hort Congress this year, Tuttle’s apple cider was judged along with ciders from orchards all over Indiana.  We were awarded the “One of Top Three Ciders in Indiana Award” this year. We are proud to continue to make some of the best apple cider in Indiana here at Tuttle Orchards!

Which hanging basket do I choose?

Bermuda Beach Petunia Basket

It’s Mother’s Day week, and there are lots of people walking through our greenhouses trying to choose hanging baskets.  Some for their moms, some for their houses.  I hear a lot, “You have so many nice ones, I don’t know what to choose.”  So… I thought I’d share a few tips on how to choose […]

Honey Bee and Pollination Lesson Plan Resources

Honey Bee Lesson Plans for Use with Indiana Field Trips

Honey Bee and Pollination Lesson Plan Resources Bees are very important part of agriculture.  Here are some great lessons that you can use to reinforce these concepts: Lesson Plans From National Agriculture in the Classroom (K-3rd Grades): The Amazing Honey Bee From Bees Louise: A great set of lesson plans and activities.