Lodi Apples

Picking Apples in Orchard

Lodi:  “Applesauce Queen” Lodi are the first apple of the season. Used almost solely for applesauce, Lodi is an improvement on it’s parent variety: Yellow Transparent. A thick yellow skin covers this tart apple. Makes the very best apple sauce due to its ability to cook down very quickly. Lodi are available in the store […]

Early Blaze Apples

Early Blaze Apples

Early Blaze: “Early Jonathan” We like to call the Early Blaze the “early Jonathan”. This summer apple is a cross between Jonathan and Grimes Golden, these semi-tart apples are crisp with just the right mixture of sweetness and zip for fresh off the tree eating. Smooth striped skin is cherry red and very attractive. It […]

Paula Red Apples

Paula Red Apples

Paula Red: “Early Cortland” A red/green apple that matures in summer, Paula Red has beautiful solid red blush color far ahead of other apples. Flavor is tart, light to creamy flesh and is equally food for eating, sauces, juice or pies. Approximate Date Available:   Aug 15 Approximate Availability:  Three Weeks   Uses:  Eating, Sauce, […]

Ginger Gold Apples

Ginger Gold Apples

Ginger Gold: “Early Golden Delicious” An outstanding early season apple, Ginger Gold is sweet, juicy and firm. Fine textured, with crisp, cream colored flesh, it is excellent for eating and salads. Ginger Gold is very slow to turn brown so it’s an excellent choice for any fresh cut apple use. Keeps up to six months […]

Sweet Maia Apples

Sweet Maia: “Early Crisp” Sweet Maia is an exciting new early-season apple, sweeter and crisper than many other early- ripening varieties. It was developed by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association, or MAIA, hence the name. A cross between Honeycrisp and Winecrisp, Sweet Maia has a beautiful red blush over yellow skin, and crispy flesh with  […]

Blondee Apples

Blondee: “The Golden Gala” The Blondee apple was discovered growing amongst an orchard of Gala apples, thus is has been described as the ” yellow Gala.” With bright white flesh that is slow to brown, Blondee’s have a sweet taste with hints of honey and green banana. They retain their shape when baked, and they […]

Grimes Golden Apples

Grimes Golden

Grimes Golden: “Antique Favorite” This antique apple was discovered by Thomas Grimes growing in West Virginia in the early 1800s. Many believe the first Golden Delicious strain came from this apple. Grimes are a smaller yellow apple with a tart but tangy flavor. We only currently have about three Grimes Golden trees, so please call […]

Red Delicious Apples

red delicious

Red Delicious: “The Handsome Apple” Red Delicious with their unmatched shape and beauty have become the North American symbol of the apple. The commercial apple industry has heavily marketed this variety due to its look and shape. The thick skinned fruit has a yellow flesh that is sweet in flavor. Although many find Red Delicious […]

Jonagold Apples

Jonagold: “Jonathan/Golden Delicious Mix” Jonagold is a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. It has an orange-red blush over a yellow background. It is a crisp and juicy apple with an excellent sweet tart flavor. It is an excellent all purpose apple. Their crisp juicy flesh and tender skin is great fresh or in salads. […]