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Apple Picking

Indy’s Favorite Apple Picking Spot

Open Season

August 30 - October 2024


Choose size bag to pick. Price TBD. Varieties change by date as they ripen through the season.


When is apple picking season?

The apple trees will be open in late August through mid October for picking.  Different varieties are open as they ripen. Click here to see what apples are picking today.

What is the cost?

You may choose from TBD bag available for picking.  You may pick as many as you want, but you must purchase all the apples that you pick.

What varieties of apples can we pick?

Many families in central Indiana make it a yearly tradition to visit Tuttle Orchards for apple picking in the fall. We have over ten acres of dwarf variety apple trees just for pick your own apples.

Gala – typically the very end of August

Cortland – typically second week of Sep-late September

Jonathan – typically second or third week of Sep through early October

Red Delicious – typically last week of Sep to mid October

Golden Delicious – typically last week of September to mid October.

Bring Your Group

Make memories together at the orchard.