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5 Reasons for Joining the Summer Tote Program

It’s that time of year again, sign ups are now open for the summer Tuttle’s Tote Program.   For those of you who are newer to the Tuttle’s family, this is a weekly box of produce program we offer in the summer (and winter).  Think of it as Tuttle’s staff selecting the best items from the Farm Store, boxing them up and bringing it to a location closer to you.  You can read lots of the details here about the program.

I often get asked, why someone would sign up for this program…here are the key reasons I hear from people who have been a part of the program for a while:

5 Reasons to Join the Tuttle’s Tote Program

  1. To make eating local just a little bit easier.

    Life is busy!  Although we may like the idea of going to the farm each week and shopping for fresh produce, that’s not always practical.  The tote program offers the option of getting good produce once a week at a pickup location a bit closer to your house. (There are spots in Oaklandon, Fishers, Greenfield, Cumberland, etc}.  It also saves you from having to do the research of deciding what’s ripe and good right now.  No need to find out when the Indiana strawberries are in season, we just send them to you in your box when they are ripe and best.

  2. To try new things.

    The tote program gives you a chance to try different produce items you might not typically buy and experiment with new things.  Of course we include the staples like corn and tomatoes when they are best, but we also try to give you a bit of diversity.  Each week we send a recipe so you can have ideas for what to do with your beets (or other produce items) that your kids will actually eat.

  3. To get good produce.

    Of course as a part of the Tuttle’s crew, you expect me to say that we put only good quality produce in our tote boxes, but it’s true.  We did a survey of summer participants a couple years back and 97% of them said the produce was high quality or very high quality.  Often we are picking things that morning and sending them to you that afternoon so the produce is indeed fresher than some other weekly produce programs.  We are also always happy to fix any issues you ever have with the produce…we aren’t perfect sometimes things sneak through…but we are always happy to get you new stuff.

  4. To invest in a local farm and the local economy.

    The reality is that local farms and orchards can only exist if their community is willing to support them with their food dollars.  One great way to show that you are really a fan of Tuttles is to join the tote program.  It helps us so much to have a committed group who is invested in what we are doing at the orchard.  We also offer a discount to those who pay in full at beginning of the season as this helps us cover costs like seeds, labor as we grow the produce for you.  Being a tote member is like being a part of the Tuttle’s super fan club!

  5. To be surprised every week.

    I hear this a lot handing out tote boxes in the store.  People enjoy getting a new surprise each week when they pick up their box.  I hear things like….this is like Christmas.

A few reasons not to join (this program is not for everyone)…

  1.  You like to choose your recipes and then buy the produce that you need.  If you aren’t someone who wants to try a few new things, this is not for you.  It’s better to just visit your local farmers market or come shop at the Tuttle’s Farm Store and get the produce you need.
  2.  You just don’t cook at home that much.  If you don’t ever cook at home, then this may not be the best fit.
  3. You live really far from Tuttles.  We know some of you are too far away even from our pickup locations.  If you are looking for a produce program like this in your area, we may be able to recommend another farm we know of that does something similar closer to you.

Want to give it a try?

Now is the time to sign up.

If it doesn’t work out, we are always happy to refund any remaining weeks no problem.